Shaylin Chetty

A tinkerer who has working knowledge of a great deal of mechanisms, but not the wisdom to leave well enough alone.

The Lifecycle of a Large Language Model

Introduction When most people use the term large language model (LLM) today, they are referring to a specific type of machine learning model type called a transformer. Transformers themselves don't have to be applied to human language, but it is the application of them in chatbots that led to the mainstream popularity of artificial intelligence as we know today. This way of interacting with models through human language undoubtedly opens doors to new technological solutions. Examples include ...
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An Overview of Industrial Text Recognition

Introduction Image processing is widely used in the manufacturing industry for quality assurance. Its applications range from automated optical inspections of printed circuit boards to verifying serial numbers and manufacture dates on products. More creative applications integrating image processing with thermography have recently been published to perform predictive maintenance. While some factories already employ such technology in their production lines, information on these implementations...
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